Splice says a file or an asset is missing. What should I do?

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Media removal. If Splice says a file or an asset is missing, this may be due to the removal of the related media from your Camera Roll. As Splice is currently not storing content locally, your photos and videos should always be saved on your Camera Roll to create and reproduce projects with the app.


What should I do?

  1. Re-import such media back to your Camera Roll: this should allow your projects to be visible and editable again in Splice.‚Äč

  2. Turn off storage optimisation on iCloud by following these steps: Settings > your name > iCloud > Photos > under iCloudPhotos, select Download and Keep Originals

If you deleted the file recently, you might be able to recover it from the Recently Deleted folder on your device. If you backed up the file to a different location (such as iCloud), you can download it onto your phone once again, then add it back onto your timeline.


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