How do I fade in/out of the video?

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👉 To fade in/out in the middle of your project, tap on a little black square between your clips on the timeline and choose the preferred transition. See the video tutorial on Transitions

👉 To fade the video in the beginning/end, use a combination of Title and Transitions: 

  1. Open your Splice project
  2. Place the playhead (the yellow vertical line) at the beginning/end of your project timeline
  3. Tap on Title from the bottom tab bar: a blank clip will be added
  4. On the timeline, tap on the transition icon (little square) located between the blank clip and your media
  5. As soon as you tap on it, all the available transition options will display: choose the one that suits your project best. Here you can also adjust the transition duration with help of the slider under the timeline

👉 To remove or edit the Text message: on the timeline, tap on the green text bar > tap Delete or Edit from the bottom toolbar.



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