How do I add music from iTunes?

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You can add tracks you’ve purchased via iTunes to your Splice projects. We have made purchasing the tracks as easy as possible for you: Splice will redirect you to iTunes if you wish to buy a track.


Open your Splice project > tap Audio > Music > iTunes

Tracks you’ve already purchased are available in a couple of ways:

  1. Offline on your device. In this case, you can see them in your library and add them directly from the iTunes section of Splice.
  2. On the cloud. You will see individual tracks in your iTunes library in Splice with a cloud icon next to them. Tap to download—you’ll see the tracks in your library, and add them directly from the iTunes section of Splice.
Tracks that have a copyright © symbol are not available to use in your projects, because they’re protected by Digital Rights Management and can’t be used without prior purchase. In particular, Apple Music is a streaming service, and songs available on Apple Music have not been purchased by the users. It’s like renting vs. buying. Please go to iTunes and purchase the track so that you may add it to your project.

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