What are Social Media margins and how can I use them?

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Social media margins are designed to act as a guide to help you safely position text and other video elements on your posts. As a result, when you post a video to social media, nothing gets covered up or cropped out by the interface (such as the Like button on Instagram or the captions on TikTok).

To use the margins, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select your desired aspect ratio. You can do it when creating a new project, or once you've already created it, by tapping on the Aspect ratio icon (next to the gear ⚙️) under the project preview.
  2. Drag elements around in the preview (like text, images, and overlays) and the margins will appear.

Use the guides by avoiding any of the shaded areas, and you'll have social media-friendly videos every time! You can always change which social media margins you're seeing by switching to a different aspect ratio in the settings menu.


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