How do I add/remove/edit Music or Audio recordings to my project?β€’

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πŸ‘‰ To add music to your project:

   1. Open your Splice project

   2. Tap on Music from the bottom tab bar 

Once you added the track of your choice, it will appear on the timeline under your photos/videos. You can now: 

  • Move it on the timeline: long press on the track and move right/left to match a particular spot.
  • Trim it to make it start/end according to my preferences. See the tutorial here
  • Fade in/out the chosen track. See more details here
  • To remove the audio, open your project > on the timeline, double tap on the track > tap Delete.

πŸ‘‰ To add music to a certain point of your project: 

1. Open your Splice project
2. Move the playhead (yellow vertical line) to the point where you wish the music to start
3. Tap Music > choose the track you like

The chosen music will be instantly added to the selected point on your timeline.


πŸ‘‰  To add a voice recording, follow these steps.

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