How do I save a portion of my project/ save in several parts?

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👉 To save a project in several parts: 

Currently, it's not possible to save one project in multiple parts. However, there's a possible workaround: 

  1. Save your full project
  2. Create a new project on Splice > upload the video you saved 
  3. Go back to Splice home screen and find the uploaded project > tap on three dots > Duplicate
  4. You will now have two same projects and will be able to cut out the unnecessary parts on the timeline with the help of the Trim feature from the editing toolbar. 

👉 To remove the unwanted clips: 

  1. Open your Splice project
  2. On the timeline, tap on the clips you do not wish to export
  3. Tap on Delete from the editing toolbar

     Tip: You can remove the unwanted Text or Audio the same way 


👉 To split your clip or audio, refer to this article

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