Video Tutorial | Adding, Removing, and Reordering clips

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Here's how you can add, remove or reorder your pictures and videos.

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    Cheri Murray

    I am using the splice app on my android, and I am trying to reorder my video clips. When I long press (on clip I want to move), it doesn't allow me to drag it and my screen doesn't look like the example. Help!

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    Hi Cheri! It's slightly different on Splice Android. Here's how to reorder your clips:

    1. Open your Splice project
    2. On the timeline, tap on one of your clips: it becomes blue
    3. Tap Reorder from the editing toolbar that appeared at the bottom of the screen (you'll have to scroll to the right to find the Reorder icon)
    4. Tap on Move before or Move after to position the clip as desired

    We hope you find our instructions useful. If you have any other questions, feel free to hit "Submit a request" at the top of this page. 

    Have a nice day! 


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