How do I trim a song to make it start/end according to my preferences?

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There are two ways to trim a song in your project. 

Trimming handles: 

  1. Tap the song on your timeline: it becomes blue.
  2. Tap the white trimming handle on either side of the song, and drag to start trimming.
    Use the preview screen to position the song within the video.

    Pro tip: to set the duration below 1 second, expand the track on the timeline with a pinching gesture and proceed with the duration adjustment. The time tag shows you the exact duration of your element down to one-hundredth of a second.

Split function:

  1. Tap to select the song on your timeline: it becomes blue.
  2. Place the yellow playhead where you want to cut the song.
  3. Tap Split in the editing toolbar: it will be cut exactly where your yellow playhead is situated.
  4. To remove one of the parts of the song, tap on it > tap Delete in the editing toolbar.

To position your song differently on the timeline, long press on the track and drag left or right according to your preferences. 


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