How do I remove a part of my video (trimming)?

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👉 With our Split feature, you can cut out any part of your video: 

  1. Open your Splice project
  2. On the timeline, move the playhead (yellow vertical line) to the point where you want to start cutting
  3. Double-tap on your video: a shortcut menu will appear > tap Split
  4. Now move the playhead to the point where you want to end cutting > double-tap on your video > tap Split
  5. Tap on the fragment you created > tap Delete from the editing toolbar

👉 With our Trim feature, you can select the portion of a video you wish to keep:

     1. Open your Splice project
     2. On the timeline, tap on your video: it turns blue
     3. Tap on Trim from the editing toolbar
     4. Choose the fragment you wish to keep by using the white trimming handles > tap Done 

👉 Side handles

You can also trim your video directly on the timeline by dragging the white side handles.

👉 Clip duration

To set the duration below 1 second, expand your clip on the timeline with a pinching gesture and proceed with the duration adjustment by dragging the white side handle. The time tag shows you the exact duration of your element down to one-hundredth of a second.

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