How do I change my video Speed and photo duration?•

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👉 To change the speed of a video inside your project:

  1. On the timeline, tap on the video whose speed you wish to change: it becomes blue
  2. Tap Speed from the editing toolbar
  3. Adjust the speed using the slider under the timeline

👉 To change the duration of a photo:

  1. Update Splice to the latest version (this feature is available from version 4.27.17)
  2. On the timeline, tap on the photo whose duration you wish to change: it becomes blue.
  3. Tap Duration in the editing toolbar and choose the preferred duration. 

👉 Apply to all. After choosing the speed/duration, tap on the blue checkmarks in the bottom right corner > tap Apply to all. 


Pro tip: to set the duration below 1 second, expand your clip on the timeline with a pinching gesture and proceed with the duration adjustment. The time tag shows you the exact duration of your element down to one-hundredth of a second.


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