How to Make a Wedding Video on Your Own - an Easy Guide

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Weddings are special days and committing them to memory through photos and videos is a huge part of the planning process. Luckily, we no longer have to rely on the one official photographer for pictures these days. In fact, some of the casual photos that wedding guests capture can be a lot better than the ones you'll have paid money for. The same can be true with wedding videos, as a combination of professional and casual can create great final products. But, if you choose to not hire a videographer, you may be nervous about how to make a wedding video that truly captures the day.

It's fair to say opinions are split on whether you need a professional videographer. Many wedding magazines and planners will advise you to hire one, primarily to take the stress out of having a designated camera person who doesn't get to enjoy the day as much. And, of course, the last thing you'll want is for you or your partner to have to shoot all the video! However, here's how to make a wedding video that wows everyone, without the help of a professional and even using just mobile phones. Keep reading here

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