How do I add and edit Captions?

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To add captions to your video, follow these steps: 
  1. Open your project.
  2. Tap Text on the main tab bar > select Captions > OK, let’s go!
  3. Once your captions are fully loaded, you have the option to edit each sentence manually. On the timeline, tap on the captions box: it becomes blue > tap Edit from the editing toolbar.
After your Captions are loaded, you can separate the view of each sentence by converting them to text:
👉 Converting to text:
1. On the timeline, tap on the Captions box: it becomes blue
2. Select Convert to Text from the editing toolbar
After your Captions are converted to text, they will appear in text boxes on the timeline and you can do the following:
👉 Edit text. Tap on the text box you wish to edit > tap Edit from the editing toolbar.

👉 Edit duration. Tap on the one you wish to extend or shorten > drag the white side handle towards right/left. 

👉 Change size. You can enlarge the text or make it smaller with the help of a pinching gesture directly on the preview screen. The size label above the text on the preview screen can be used as a reference.

👉 Change width. To adjust the width of the text and break the lines, tap on the text box in the preview screen > drag its side handles

👉 Choose style. Tap on the text you wish to change > in the editing toolbar you’ll find features to change your text’s Color, Font, Background, Alignment, and Opacity.
If you're experiencing any issues with Captions, refer to this dedicated article to learn more.



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    Brent Hannify

    There is no Caption option on the Android version. I am using the latest version. When will this option be available for Android users? 

    Thank you. 

  • Comment author

    Hi Brent, 

    We can confirm that Captions isn't available on Splice Android. However, it’s something we will consider for the future. So please don’t hesitate to check the Play Store often to download any new update as soon as it's available!

    Have a lovely day!


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