Splice says that I don't have enough space to export my videos, but I have plenty. What should I do?

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Depending on your export settings, Splice might need more space than what's available before it can export the video. This is because any temporary files that need to be stored can also take up space. For example, if your final video is 1 GB in size, the app might need up to 2 GB of space to save the file successfully.

To solve this issue, please try the following:

  • Software update. Update your device's software to its latest version.
  • Free up available storage to complete the export. You can do so in Settings > General > iPhone Storage. Make sure you're not simply freeing up space on iCloud storage, as Splice can't use that.
  • Change both resolution and Frames Per Second (FPS) settings. Lowering the resolution and the FPS reduces the space required to complete the export. After tapping on the share iconShare.pngyou'll be prompted with a new screen: here you can lower the FPS and choose a lower resolution. 
  • Restart the device. Turning off and back on the device might also help free up some temporary cached files.

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